Let's crafty!

Let's crafty!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Craft project vote winners: Solar system felt tags and owls

I've been working on the items selected as my next craft project from the poll. My solar system felt tags are finished and I plan to post them to my etsy shop this afternoon!

Solar system felt tags

I also got started on the "something containing owls" craft project. I started by sketching the owl I had in mind (along with a candy corn felt purse that came to mind):

So on Friday I made my first owl...which is a little bit batlike for some reason...perhaps the eyes? Otherwise cute though, I like all the detail stitching.

Owl applique

Right now he's just an applique and I haven't decided what to put him on yet...maybe an eyeglass case?
After the first owl I decided to try a few without tails and made these adorable little guys, which are actually pins.
Two owl pins

I think I'll make some into barrettes and pendants as well. It would be super cute to have a necklace with an owl pendant and also some felt leaf pendants attached.

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