Let's crafty!

Let's crafty!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Still sick...

But I'm being productive! Last night I was up super-late working on (finally!) finishing the edges of the ribbon placemats and table runners I started several months ago. Once I got a technique down, I was able to breeze through and finish 4 placemats and 2 big table runners.

After much inner debate (and some earlier failed experimentation with stitching the edges), I decided to go with Stitch Witchery fusible web hem tape. It's not perfect, but it gives the stitch-free look I wanted and is not difficult to use.

It's kind of dark in here this afternoon (snow is coming!!!) so my pics are not great but here's a preview of what I finished so far.

I like the way the green placemat and the blue table runners came out best. I definitely prefer the edges with the thin ribbon, which means I usually have to cut the fusible web in half to fit underneath.

On some of the corners I used Liquid Stitch (a clear adhesive for fabrics) as well to give it some extra hold. The corners were not easy! I even thought about doing a mitered corner but that was too complicated.

More to come tomorrow...with better pics, of course. :)

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