Let's crafty!

Let's crafty!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

PYOP (Paint Your Own Pottery) ladybug jewelry box

Things have been pretty busy--I'm studying for an exam, switching to a new office at work, and how does the laundry keep piling up? In between all the craziness I did find some time to go paint pottery with Juli at The Pottery Stop. Thursday is ladies night so gals get 20% off the price of the pottery, and you can bring your own wine or beer.

I wanted to make another jewelry box since the last one with the butterfly turned out so good...I wanted a similar look and feel like they were part of a set. I used my usual wax resist technique to give it that stained glass look. On this one I did a ladybug with some leaves and flowers. It turned out so pretty!

On the bottom I don't like to just put my initials (boring!) so I painted a little bee picture with them...get it...bzzzzz...




Next time: PYOP coasters!

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