Let's crafty!

Let's crafty!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shopping and inspiration: New Orleans, LA

A few weeks ago I was in New Orleans for a dance competition and got to spend a few lovely afternoons browsing shops in the French Quarter. Ok, maybe I did more than browse...but look at how pretty everything is!

Red Victorian boot by 67: Shoe Be Do. (This store is soooo fabulous! They stock really unique European shoes.)
Brown Victorian "Tapenade" boot, tan "Caricature" Mary Jane, brown "Aristocrat" oxford, Aerosoles.
Lace doilies, placemat, table runner, napkins, coasters: Rendezvous Linens and Lace.
Vintage earrings, cuff bracelet, and bird necklace: Rendezvous Linens and Lace.

Also in this picture is my first-place medal for Ladies 8-Hand Ceili from the 2012 Southern Region Oireachtas! Yay!

If I'd had more time in New Orleans I probably would have done even more damage. I'm sure I spent at least an hour in the linens and lace store--they had all kinds of awesome jewelry and treasures!

Just a few pics below from our meanderings around town. I did find time to eat a delicious Po' boy, check out the flea market, see street performers by Jackson Square, and stroll along the river watching the steamboats. I also discovered that food options are a little limited in New Orleans if you don't eat seafood! One night I had grilled cheese at a restaurant...and I will admit I ate Popeyes (or "Pope Yes" as my brother calls it) for lunch in a pinch.

Great times with my dance friends (not to mention our win!), good food, and awesome shopping--all in all, a great weekend in NOLA!

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