Let's crafty!

Let's crafty!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Outdoor inspiration and itchiness

Yesterday I took a walk around my neighborhood (where 80% of my neighbors seemed to be hammering things) and saw a ton of lavender/purple flowers. Here they are in my overly pale hand (no, that's not entirely the camera, my hand is that scarily white).

As has been noted, I am perhaps a vampire. The one downside to my walk was that as soon as I got inside, I was ridiculously itchy--due to my new and tragic sun allergy.

I thought the flowers were pretty though--wisteria, vinca, violets, lilacs, some kind of cherry blossom type thing...there were also some grape hyacinths but I didn't want to steal them from the person's yard.

Anyway, I brought them inside and did a watercolor of each:

And then was inspired by these purple flowers to pick out new felts for my next batch of barrettes, pins, etc.

The tie-dye one should be interesting...or perhaps hideous, we'll see!

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