Let's crafty!

Let's crafty!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rainy day photos--part 1

I've spent this rainy, gloomy morning focusing on redoing photos of some of my etsy items. I think when I originally posted a few items (particularly some of the purses), I was in a rush--and doing stuff in a rush never does you any favors. I was surprised by the crappiness of a few images and have redone them. No wonder those items had not been purchased!

Here's my redone lime purse, which was a major improvement over the last photo. It was so yucky I will not even post the old photo!

I'm not 100% happy with all of the pics...the lighting was a challenge today. Ideally, I'd like my brother to do the photos with his fancy camera and retouch them as needed. I am certainly not the photography expert he is.

The other thing that is interesting is trying to pick an image that looks great small AND large--the orange slices purse image I chose as the main image was the one that looked best in thumbnail form. If your image doesn't look interesting as the thumbnail that appears in a search, folks will never click to see the full image.

One of the next things I'd like to do with these photos is take pictures of my items with more interesting settings/backgrounds. I don't want the main image to be too fussy, but it can be nice to have some context for the piece, or something to add some "mood."

Here was an attempt to add a little more interest while doing the photo of  the Pale Pink Flower pin. The first one is more interesting to me, but it is also confusing--it looks like the flower is part of the necklace, not a pin. I wouldn't be able to use that pic alone/without some clarifying words or pics. The second one is a little less confusing.

Also want to try using some different fabrics/textures as a background. I like using book pages or wooden surfaces because they're attractive without being too distracting but I want some more variation.

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