Let's crafty!

Let's crafty!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Tea time (and Happy Benito Juarez Day Observed!)

On Friday, Brie and I both took off work to enjoy an afternoon tea (at Sweet Simplici-Tea in Sykesville) and some shopping. Well, actually we had been meaning to do this since March. There's a story to go with it...

Several years ago (probably 2006?) when Brie and I used to work together, we were supposed to go to one of those multi-day offsite regional work meetings that make you want to stab yourself in the eye. We were seriously dreading it and trying to think of reasons to say we couldn't go, so we looked up the date of the meeting on the calendar with the idea that we'd find some obscure holiday we just HAD to be away to celebrate. The only thing on March 21 was Benito Juarez Day. Neither of us had ever heard of Benito Juarez (turns out he is a former Mexican president) but it sounded good!

We ended up still going to the dang meeting, but every year Brie reminds me when Benito Juarez Day comes around in March...so this year we wanted to actually take the day off and amuse ourselves. And then I was in Europe for most of March so we rescheduled it for May 3. Now I just googled Benito Juarez Day and was stunned to see that someone else must have had the SAME IDEA!

In any case, tea was lovely. The most awkward part this time (usually something really awkward happens) was just me stupidly burning the crap out of my tongue drinking the tea as soon as it was poured.

The scones and quiche were friggin awesome! After tea, we enjoyed some shopping on Main Street in Sykesville at Alexandra's Attic and A La Mode Boutique...and later we somehow ended up buying shoes at DSW (because you always need more shoes). All in all, a fun day!
Happy Benito Juarez Day to you too!

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