Let's crafty!

Let's crafty!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

ArtSpring move and other fun stuff

Today, ArtSpring in Silver Spring is opening in its new space! Very exciting :) I went by last Saturday to bring my new spring items and check out the new store space--it's upstairs above Austin Grill where Ceviche used to be on Ellsworth Drive.

Since the space used to be a resaurant/bar, it's super trendy looking and cool...perfect for displaying funky crafts and homemade items. They were still in the process of getting it ready but I thought it looked awesome! Tons of fantastic stuff to buy--animal notecards, birdie mugs and dishes, cool purses, jewelry, etc. And they have more than 100 of my new items there, including my decoupage minibooks and letter trays, octopus purses, framed map paintings, ribbon placemats and table runners, and more, so go check it out!

The new ArtSpring shop opened at 10am today and I'm going to swing by on  my way to hang with Vinsy this afternoon to check it out...and ok, maybe buy a few things.

The plan for the afternoon is possibly to attempt baking something...possibly more vegan cupcakes? Last time we tried this, we had a near-disaster with an unfortunate baking soda/baking powder mixup but we caught it just in time...and had some delicious cupcakes!

Coming soon...inspiration, birdies, and crafts from my visit to New Mexico last week.

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