Let's crafty!

Let's crafty!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

70's Couch-tastic

Well...the tan scarf is not coming out precisely as planned--unless I had planned for it to look like a 70's couch in your parents' basement with wood paneling. It's still pretty in its own way I'm hoping?

Sigh. I am now realizing this is almost the exact same colors as my parents' 70's couch.

Here are some pictures of the process of putting the warp on the loom before I started to weave. After securing and winding the warp on the back beam, the yarn has to go through the alternating slots and holes of the heddle. This is kind of tedious with 90 threads but not too bad.

My least favorite part is actually tying the warp to the front beam--it is tough with chenille to stop the knots from slipping, and to keep an even tension across all the threads. There are no pictures of that because there was much cursing involved in the process.

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