Let's crafty!

Let's crafty!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Off the loom

My tan scarf is finished! Here are pics of the process of getting it off the loom.

This is the end of the weaving...

Then I have to add a few lines of scrap (the orange) yarn. It won't be part of the scarf, but is to hold the end of the weaving in place as I remove it from the loom.

Then I cut the ends off...

And unwind the weaving from the front beam.

All the ends have to be untied from the front beam.

Once the piece is completely off the loom, I tie the end threads in an overhand knots in groups of two. This is best done slowly and carefully. Last time I was in a rush and made a mistake, which meant I then had to try to untie all the tight knots without fraying or otherwise damaging the yarn...a fairly miserable process.

Edy is of course "helping" with the process.

Next, I comb the fringe as straight as possible (using the awesome special comb from my 80's Fisher Price toy loom).

Then I use a metal ruler to carefully measure off the fringe length--I prefer to use a 3" fringe on these scarves. It looks natural and isn't so long that it gets tangled.

And I cut the fringe using a rotary cutter--or as I call it, "rolly cutter." :)

After doing this on both ends of the scarf, it's done. I handwash the scarf at least once (it tends to shed a lot at first) and lightly iron it to finish. Hooray!

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