Let's crafty!

Let's crafty!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cleaning & reminiscing

I'm doing a lot of cleaning this week (yeah, trying to cram the last 3 years' worth of cleaning I should have done into a month). Today's cleaning project was the hall bookshelf, which turned out to be composed of:

40% fancy decorative papers and origami paper
30% blank sketchpads, bristol board, watercolor blocks, etc.
10% folders of inspiration and art projects/instructions from years ago
10% magazines and catalogs
5% games (so that's where the Mad Libs were hiding!)
5% stickers and stationery

Among the folders of old art projects, I found a folder from my Fibers I class in college (embroidery, beading, felting). This was a fantastic class--I got college credit for the kinds of craft projects I was already doing! Here's a picture of my embroidery stitch sampler from that class.

Yeah--check out those awesome French knots!  It definitely made me want to use more of a variety of stitches in upcoming projects. I think I could work a few of these into a felt purse.

Here's my finished embroidery project from the class, which I think sufficiently demonstrates my love of satin stitch. :)

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