Let's crafty!

Let's crafty!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Projects in progress!

As usual, I am working on multiple projects simultaneously and keep switching back and forth.

1) Felt fruit coasters--I originally made a set of 4 of these for Brie's birthday present (an orange, an apple, 2 pears) and they turned out so cute I decided to make some more.

The pieces are all sewn on by hand, not machine. After all the pieces are sewn to the black circle, I attach a backing made of black sticky felt.

2) Wooden boxes covered with book pages. I made some good progress on these last night and also on Friday crafty. These take forever because I do cover every surface of each little drawer.

3) Three more scarves!
I was looking through my (fairly ridiculous) yarn stash and realizing that I'm running low on the chenille I usually use for my warp yarns. This made me start thinking of alternatives, like using two threads together of a skinnier yarn, or trying some slightly thicker yarns I have on hand.  I charted out a few ideas...

Spent a while calculating the number of warp ends needed for each project...

And decided on the warp for my final three designs:

A) Windowpane scarf: I'm using an off-white chenille for most of the warp, alternating every 10 with 4 warp ends of a variegated blue fun fur doubled up.

B) Valentine's scarf: Using Moda-Dea Dream yarn in a hot pink color...it feels similar to a chenille, but with extra fuzziness on top. Weft will be pinks, reds, and maybe a little purple.

C)  Striped variegated scarf: Will be using graduated stripes of in both directions. I'm alternating Lion Brand Suede yarn in "seacrest" (haha), a blue variegated, with "moonshadow," a dark gray variegated.

Here are the warp ends I wound for A and C. So pretty!

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