Let's crafty!

Let's crafty!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sock Monkey Photo Shoot!

Yesterday Vicky and I worked on a sock monkey from this questionable kit she had purchased on amazon. Sadly, she purchased it thinking it was a finished sock monkey--imagine her disappointment when it arrived in pieces!

The outside of the kit totally neglects to mention that you need a sewing machine to complete it. The directions were kind of poor, and some of the materials were not so hot, but we had a good time!

Here's Vicky working on "Peejay" (the kit is very careful to always refer to him by his first name, as if it would be impolite to do otherwise).

Now we're getting ready to sew on his arms...

Here he is with one arm!

Here's Mr. Sock Monkey before he had any clothes.

The ears were definitely the hardest part to attach.

He's a pretty handsome monkey I guess?


Chillin with the bear.

What is this next picture of, you may ask. Yeah, that's a broken needle! It SNAPPED while I was trying to sew through the bear felt, which was apparently made from fibers of lead or something. I've never broken a needle before.

That's a tough lookin' sock monkey!

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